John Jewell Symons was born about 1840 and apart from the christening of his children and his death by suicide I cannot find any record of him at all. John Symons was a prison Warder at Dartmoor Prison in the 1870'80's for some reason although his wife? Eleanor was in both the 1881 and 91 census living in Plymouth he appears to be missing I cant find any record of their marriage but the Christening of their children was in Princetown Church. They lived at Princetown during the 1870,s but unfortunately It looks like that after 1880 when the Railway to Princetown was open they lived in Plymouth and he commuted to the Prison. All prison records were destroyed in a riot in the 1930's. His health by the time he died was very poor which was almost certainly explained by the condition at the prison for Staff and inmates alike during that period. his place of birth and Parents are unknown.
Eleanor Ann Mitchell was born in Devonport in October 1849 and she worked as a seamstress and housekeeper as well has bringing up her Children. She lived and worked both in Princetown and Plymouth, she died in 1908.