Eliza Chapell

Eliza was born on the 20th February 1861 in Cawsand.she married James on the 9th July 1883 and had five children.
James John
Edith Jane
Lillian Eliza

She had a full life although James spent long periods away in the R N. Predeceasing James she died at Cawsand on the 9th August 1922. The Chappell Family is very well documented and they appeared to be one of the largest familys on the Rame Peninsular. Among their family was Publicans, Naval Officers & Rating's and even Smugglers.

James Chapell 1822 - 1875                      Jane Parford 1821- 1875
Henry Chapell 1779 - 1854                       Ann Dan      1777 - 1856 
John Chapell   
1741                                  Mary Oliver  1745  
John Chapell   
1713                                  Ann Lewis    1716
John Chapell   1682                                  Martha Lang 1689