Charles was born in St Andrews Street Plymouth in June 1892, and brought up in a large close family the youngest son, the other two brothers that we have information about at this time were Thomas who joined the Royal Marines and Henry who joined the Devonshire Regiment. All three brothers had the second name of Mitchell which was their mothers maiden name. His father John killed himself in 1894 when he was depressed and in ill health. His mother died when he was 15 and he entered the Navy in 1910. He had a sucessesful and interesting Naval Career serving on a wide variety of ships, he survived the battle of Jutland on H.M.S.Temeraire and he was at Invergorden on the Rodney during the Mutiny, Pensioned in 1936 he was mobilised in 1938 and recalled for war service in August 1939. He served at H.M.S. Raleigh for the early part of the War but was invalided out with T.B. in September 1940. He was cured and completed his war and the rest of his working Life in the Post Office.
Edith Elizabeth was born in Lymn Cheshire the eldest child while her father was working on the Manchester Ship Canal. She married Charles on 24th June 1918 in St Judes Church Plymouth and they had two Children Ivor John who only survived 2 years and Ellen May. They enjoyed a good maraige Edith surviving Charles by 13 Years. Charles spent a lot of time away at sea but for the period they had areasonable lifestyle Charles was in the Navy during the depression and they were together during the Blitz of Plymouth. After Charles death she lived with her daughter and had a reasonably settled retierment.

Charles Symons
Born 10th June 1892
Died 10th January 1955

Edith Cobley
Born 18th January 1892
Died 31st May 1968

John Symons
 Charles Cobley