Charles Henry Cobley & Elizabeth Ann Hendy

Charles Henry Cobley was born in Pensford Publow Somerset on 22nd September 1869 his mother Louisa was unmarried at the time so he was raised by his Grandmother Louisa(Reed). His mother married John Mapstone in 1871 and it appears that John died around about 1880. Charles became a very clever self taught engineer involved in among other projects the building of the Manchester Ship Canal. He married Elizabeth Ann Hendy in 1890 in Lymn Cheshire, they had a daughter Elizabeth Maud, in July 1890 she died in September of the same year.There next known child was Edith Elizabeth who was born in January 1892 and that was the last mention of Elizabeth Ann Hendy. After that all the other children shared the same mother Elizabeth Ann Marsh. they were registered as a mixture of Cobley,Mapstone and Cobley Mapstone. Charles led a very interesting life involved in engineering of one sort or another all his life. Elizabeth Ann Marsh died in the mid 1940's and Charles married his sister in law Leah Marsh.

Appended below is a list of the life of Charles Henry Cobley

Louisa Elizabeth Cobley Born Pensford Publow 1850.
Charles Henry Cobley Born Publow 22.11.1869,no father on
Birth certificate
Louisa Elizabeth Cobley married John Mapstone 4th qtr 1871
Catherine House Ref. 5c1075.
Arthur John Mapstone born 1874
Walter James Mapstone born 1879
Charles Henry Cobley Married Elizabeth Anne Hendy at Lymn Cheshire 11.4.1890.
Elizabeth Maud Cobley born July 1890 Died September 1890 age 2months
Edith Elizabeth Cobley born Lymn Cheshire 17.1.1892 Mother Hendy
Charles Robert Mapstone born 18.4.1899 Mother Marsh
William Cobley Mapstone born 1900 Mother Marsh
Ivor John Cobley born 29.5.1901 Mother Marsh

Charles Henry Cobley.      Born 22nd November 1869    Died March 1949
Louisa Elizabeth Cobley    Christened 23rd June 1850
Louisa Cobley                   Born 1828 Parents
Henry Cobley and Hester   Henry born 1793 died 15th October 1865
Samuel Cobley and Sarah Rogers Born 1753 Samuel born 1751 died 27th sept 1832.

Elizabeth Ann Marsh          Born about 1872 Wells Somerset

Elizabeth Ann Hendy           Born 20th January 1871 Crofts End Bristol ,Parents
James Hendy   &  Hannah Abbot