Where They Lived

The Rowe line lived in and around the Rame Peninsular which during the 18/19th Century was a feeder area for Plymouth dock.. The peninsular consist of the fishing villages of Kingsand, Cawsand and Millbrook bordering on Antony. The majority of the inhabitants of this area, worked in the Dockyard or in the Navy in fact up until the mid 1800's the parish of Maker was in Devon.

Kingsand & Cawsand

A few fishermen were settled here in 1483 when Henry Tudor, later Henry VII, landed here briefly as part of an abortive attempt to overthrow Richard III. The real influx of people began when Plymouth merchants built pilchard cellars along the beach (still there). In Elizabeth I'st reign and in the next two centuries smuggling flourished, the goods obtained both from cross-Channel trips and incoming merchantmen. in 1825 there was a list of 80 men of the two Villages engaged in the trade.The villages were the headquarters of West Country free trade, finally suppressed by 1850. Kingsand was still in Devon until 1844 and the boundary stone between the two counties is still opposite the Halfway Hotel, separating Turk Town (Cawsand) and the North Rockers (Kingsand). Intense rivalry between the two villages continued well into this century.

James John Rowe & Lillie Katie Connor

James John Rowe was born at Mylor Bridge near Falmouth,while his father James Millikam was the Gunner on H.M.S. Ganges.He was in the Army during the First world War probably the Royal Horse Artillery, marrying Lillie Katie Connor(born 30th March 1892) at Rame Church, on 29th April 1916. James survived the war and worked in the Dockyard as an electrical fitter for all his working life.
Lillie Katie Connor
Lillie had a very difficult childhood her mother Alice died when she was eight and she looked after her younger brothers, when she was eleven her father Robert died also. She was then put into service which in those days was Quite normal for a girl of that age.The frugal lifestyle she had as a child was reflected in her later life, she didn't waste anything and they managed to have a good life. They had a Austen 10 car with a registration number ABU123 and a holiday bungalow at Wembury near Plymouth as well as an house at Laira.

 James John Rowe
8th November 1891
11th July 1956

Lillie Katie Connor
30th March 1892
21st September 1965
 James Milikam Rowe
 Robert Connor